I am starting to study Servlet by utilizing Tomcat 9.0 that has been installed in-house. Tomcat9.0 is a Web application operating environment for the installation package, and is an environment built by the vendor.

Now,Hello World on tomcat[Except for restarting Tomcat] Work with reference to the article

I was able to display the Hello World page safely on the browser of the chassis itself on which Tomcat runs. It cannot be displayed with the browser of the terminal on the same corporate network (this page cannot be displayed) Is this an event that originated from not restarting Tomcat?

When I checked it myself, I thought that the setting of server.xml in the conf folder under the Tomcat folder might be related, so I checked the following for the time being
・ I can't find the description of relodable = true.
-I can't find any description that the created series of placement locations is specified as a location other than webapps.

As you can see, Tomcat is running for the purpose of operating the introduced package system, so it is not possible to restart Tomcat so easily for the purpose of my experiments and verification.
It's like a server where Windows security patches are applied and restarted every Sunday night, so there is no doubt that Tomcat will be restarted at that timing .... (You must know the result tomorrow, but )

Thanks for your opinion.

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    From the various patterns of access status, you can see the following.
    -Access to port 8080 from the outside is not permitted.
    -If the installed web application is running on Tomcat, there is another software such as a web server in front of Tomcat.

    One way to get rid of this is below.
    1.8080 Allow access to port.
    It reduces the security level and is not recommended.

    2. Adjust the software settings that should be in front of Tomcat.
    First, identify what is there.
    Most likely a web server such as apache. Is it a load balancer if there is another possibility?

    In this case, the installed web application may stop, so I think you should refrain from touching it without understanding it.

    Either way, it involves changing the server settings, so as I pointed out in the comments, it may affect the support contract.
    However, at the moment when the non-designated Tomcat application has been introduced, it may be a contract violation.