I would like to ask another question, so I will close this question.

Always I am indebted. Well, I'm trying to recognize the image as below, but it doesn't recognize it. No matter how many times I try to save it in 24-bit BMP and make it recognize, it does not recognize it.
If it is the coordinates, it will click.
As for image recognition, it doesn't recognize anything else, so is the saving method wrong? I've been struggling for a long time, but is there any other suitable way to recognize the image?

ifb chkimg ("xxx.bmp", -1) = true
sleep (5.0)
btn (left, g_img_x, g_img_y)
btn (left, g_img_x, g_img_y)
ACW (GETID ("xx --vv", "PTIODEVICE"), 273,4,1154,753,0)
BTN (LEFT, CLICK, 826,649,0) Enter the language here


If i write it with this, it will be pressed.
I would like to solve this once.