If i write and execute the following Python program (tesuto.py), an error will occur.

import pandas as pd
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser (description ='')
parser.add_argument ("ip") # input file
parser.add_argument ('-n') # the number of thread
parser.add_argument ('-o') # output directory
args = parser.parse_args ()
print ('ip ='+ args.ip)
print ('n ='+ args.n)
print ('o ='+ args.o)
$conda activate
$python tesuto.py input_file -n 8 -o/output_dir
$Segmentation fault (core dump)

So, if you delete "import pandas as pd" on the first line, it works as expected.

$conda activate
$python tesuto.py input_file -n 8 -o/output_dir
ip = input_file
n = 8
o =/output_dir

Also, when I executed it leaving only "import pandas as pd", the same error occurred.
So I reinstalled pandas with "conda install pandas" and it was the same.
How can I import pandas in a Python program?