I want to achieve

I want to handle the file input inwith ActiveX (Scripting.FileSystemObject etc.).


The in-house web application has a file upload function.
Currently, the file is POSTed to the Web server and saved to the file server on the Web server side.

Since the number of files of several hundred MB to several GB is increasing, I want to be able to save directly to the file server without going through the Web server.

I don't want to change the existing UI, so I want to continue usingfor input (file selection).

Since it is an in-house application that makes heavy use of ActiveX, it is not necessary to consider that it can be a technical debt.

what I want to know

Is it feasible with ActiveX to save the file entered inin the specified directory?


HTML5 + JavaScript (TypeScript)

Usage environment

Internet Explorer 11

  • Answer # 1

    The local path of the file entered incan be obtained with the value property, so I think that you can copy or move the file to any directory by operating the file with FileSystemObject. ..