I want PHP to be able to find modules everywhere!

I am currently studying PHP, NGINX, and MariaDB in detail (beginning).

Recently, I have been able to gain knowledge quite deeply.
Environment construction can be successful normally,
Everything you do will fail. (On purpose)
The OS is Win10.

C: \ local disk, that is
↓ Directly below
I have C: \ php (this makes the environment construction execution>successful)

If i do this

If i arrange php together with nginx in C: \ server and execute it
(C: \ server \ php)
I always get the module not found.
last timehttps://www.tutorialfor.com/go.php?id=304320
An error that didn't appear suddenly appears recently.

By the way, it is the same in places other than C: \ server.
user, desktop and documentation
I get an error that the module cannot be found anywhere except on the local disk.

Is there a solution other than putting it on my local disk?
If my idea is correct, I think there is a file to set somewhere.

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    All I had to do was add it to php.ini. .. ..

    If you uncomment only the Mysql part without writing anything and use it as it is,
    It seems that the local disk (C: \ php) is automatically loaded by default.

    If you look at the following sites as a reference,
    In the Extension column in PHP.INI
    extension_dir = "C: \ php \ ext"
    There was an additional note
    I tried this in the same way and it was done!

    extension_dir = "C: \server\ php \ ext "

    ;extension = bz2
    ;extension = curl
    ;extension = ffi
    ;extension = ftp
    ;extension = fileinfo
    ;extension = gd2
    ;extension = gettext
    ;extension = gmp
    ;extension = intl
    ;extension = imap
    ;extension = ldap
    ;extension = mbstring
    ;extension = exif;Must be after mbstring as it depends on it
    ;extension = mysqli
    ;extension = oci8_12c;Use with Oracle Database 12c Instant Client
    ;extension = odbc
    ;extension = openssl
    ;extension = pdo_firebird
    extension = pdo_mysql
    ;extension = pdo_oci
    ;extension = pdo_odbc
    ;extension = pdo_pgsql
    ;extension = pdo_sqlite
    ;extension = pgsql
    ;extension = shmop

    The MIBS data available in the PHP distribution must be installed.
    See http://www.php.net/manual/en/snmp.installation.php
    ;extension = snmp

    ;extension = soap
    ;extension = sockets
    ;extension = sodium
    ;extension = sqlite3
    ;extension = tidy
    ;extension = xmlrpc
    ;extension = xsl