As you can see in the title, cutting out a part of the video uploaded to vimeo, youtube, and pinterest (about 1 to 4 seconds) and using it as a part of your portfolio site has copyright problems. Is it?

I'm reading and searching for the terms of use of vimeo and YouTube, but it seems that vimeo also has fair use.

As for the purpose of use, we are planning to create and publish a portfolio site for a comprehensive review of HTML, CSS, JS coding, and we would like to use it for a part of that site.

Is it possible to use it in such a case?

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    Unless you download the video data, you are unlikely to be accused of copyright infringement under the judicial precedents of Japanese copyright law.

    Since duplication is not a requirement, if the content is a copyrighted work, I think that it can be a copyright infringement even if you do not put a copy of the data on the server etc.

    I think it could be, but I don't think there is such a case at the moment.
    The rocket news incident will be helpful.
    Website-Legal concerns when creating web apps using json files from other sites | stackoverflow

    We denied that putting a link to this video site to make it playable would infringe on the public transmission right (transmission enablement right).
    Link to video site and copyright infringement Osaka District Court 25.6.20 (Heisei 23 Wa 15245) --IT/System Case Law Memo

    When trying to inquire about copyright law violations, the other party must act infringing on this image, that is, "copying" or "enabling transmission", but the direct link self-links the image of the link source. Since it is not duplicated in the server, it does not correspond to the act of "duplicate" or "enable transmission".

    However, even if it is a direct link, if you display that you are the copyright holder for another person's image, the problem of moral rights infringement (name display right infringement, Article 19 of the Copyright Law) may occur separately.
    I want to keep in mind in response to MERY and WELQ problems, illegality of direct image links and unauthorized use of images | STORIA Law Office

    However, this does not mean that it will not cause any trouble.

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    If the poster has stated the terms of use, you can use it as it is.

    If nothing is written, it is a good idea to ask the poster for reuse.

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    If you don't want to quote a specific video, but want to quote any video on YouTube, I think you should use a Creative Commons video.

    @maisumakun wrote in the comments

    "It can be reused freely as long as the copyright is properly displayed."

    That's the license.

    For details, please refer to the following article.

    How to use someone else's video on youtube without piracy