There is a stock trading tool called Hyper SBI, but if you click the item called registered stocks, the window of the registered stock list will appear in the application. I would like to launch multiple of these, but registered stocks can only launch one window. This can only be launched by one due to the specifications on the Hyper SBI side, but will it be possible to change the specifications of Hyper SBI and display multiple ones with an application created by myself in C #?
I think that it can be realized by virtualizing and starting multiple hyper SBIs, but this is a waste of resources, so multiple hyper SBIs from one hyper SBI
I want to be able to display a window.
Thank you.

Thanks for your comments.
I'm sorry that it was a rough question because it was a question for people who have Hyper SBI.
This question wasn't a "round-throw question that only describes what I want me to do", but I was asking if it was theoretically possible, so dodox86's "Working from another program on other apps that have already been completed. The only thing that can be done is the automation of human operations. "The comment was very helpful. By the way, there is no problem with copyright as long as it is within the scope of self-use.