What you don't understand
With WordPress
I would like to use Javascript and JQuery.
I don't know the location of PHP and can't write.
Where is the place to write? ??

Causes that you think
Maybe because you don't have permission
I wonder if it shouldn't be ...
Appearance and Yu tag on my management screen (edit screen ??)? there is not.
Is that the cause?
It is just an amateur's cause prediction. ..

Flow to write here
I decided to touch WordPress without any experience at the company.
I've ever had Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, etc.
I have touched it. (Amateur level among amateurs)

I have a predecessor
(It's confusing, but he doesn't seem to be a company person, I've almost never met him, and he's always working elsewhere.)
I can't get in touch at all ...
What to do
I handle it by trial and error every day.

This time, what can only be done using JavaScript and JQuery
Come out.
I want to write PHP but I don't know where it is.
I would appreciate it if you could teach me m (_ _) m

  • Answer # 1

    If you don't see the Appearance menu on your dashboard, I think your current account is an editor (below) rather than an administrator.

    User types and permissions

    If you have administrator privileges, you can edit PHP template files etc. from the dashboard, but as m.ts10806 said, it is realistic to embed a script by editing an article.

    I think it is better to prepare a local test environment, embed the script in the theme (template) there, and update the theme (FTP upload etc.) if you can check the operation.