Nice to meet you. I have a question.

I want to execute code obfuscated by pyarmor with google colaboratory.
I don't know if it is not possible due to the specifications or if the path setting is bad.
I've seen various ggs ... Thanks for your cooperation.

Source code

from google.colab import drive
drive.mount ('/ content/drive')
from pytransform import pyarmor_runtime
pyarmor_runtime ()
__pyarmor__ (__name__, __file__, b'\ x50 \ x59 .... \ x74 \ x44', 2)

error contents

/content/drive/MyDrive/pytransform/__init__.py in _load_library (path, is_runtime, platid, suffix, advanced)
    303 if not os.path.exists (filename):
->304 raise PytransformError ('Could not find "% s"'% filename)
    306 try:
PytransformError: Could not find "/content/drive/MyDrive/pytransform/platforms/linux/x86_64/_pytransform.so"
  • Answer # 1

    The dynamic library generated during obfuscation by PyAromor is for the obfuscated OS, so it will not work even if you take it to another OS as it is.

    dashingsoft/pyrarmor-core: The platform-dependent dynamic libraries for pyarmor

    From, you need to get the dynamic library that matches the OS you brought to.

    In the Colab code cell! cat/etc/os-releaseAnd! cat/proc/cpuinfoIf you do, you can get information on the OS and CPU, so if you bring a match, it will work (I have not tried it).