Often computers
Application =>Middleware =>OS =>Hardware
I hear that it is composed of.
Furthermore, there are web servers, AP servers, and DB servers in the middleware.
I learned that the AP server handles dynamic content and arithmetic processing.

When it came to that, I wondered what was the difference between the application, which is a component of the computer, and the middleware AP server.
For example, when there is a process to calculate x + y, I think that process is probably placed on the AP server,
Then you don't know what role the application plays.

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    I wondered what is the difference between an application and a middleware AP server.

    It's a different story if you directly create an "application program that runs as a server" with golang, but in many cases, the user writes only the application part, and the AP serverReady-madeIs used.

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    Speaking of the relationship between an application and an AP server, the application runs on the AP server.
    The meaning of "moving on ..."

    "Windows runs on NEC's PC"
    "Excel runs on Windows"
    Has the same meaning as.
    Is it Excel that processes "when you press a key, it is displayed in a cell"? Windows? PC?