I would like to know about the rotation of Oracle Dump files.

-The existing system has Oracle on the on-premise Windows server.
→ This time, we will replace it with the managed DB of the external cloud service.
-Use Oracle 19c
-Since the DB is a managed DB (not AWS RDS), access it from another server (Windows) with oracle Client.
・ Dump is acquired by the expdp command.
-Since the Dump file name contains the date, time, etc., get it with another name every time.

I want to rotate a Dump file.
For example, the image is that every time a Dump file is acquired, 5 generations are left and the 6th generation is deleted.

Currently, it is deleted by the del command of Windows and rotated, but
Since it is a managed DB this time, the OS cannot be accessed and the operation is only from the Oracle client.
It seems that you can delete the file with the package UTL_FILE.FREMOVE, but specify the file name
is needed.
If i can see the file list of the Dump acquisition destination, you can specify the file name to be deleted from it, but such a method has not been found.

If anyone knows a good way, please let me know.