With xcode simulator
Until now, due to version upgrade, iPhone 5s could not be used and I was using the iPhone 8 simulator, but since the actual machine is 5s, I added 5s of the simulator and thought that it was okay. But,
When I start the simulator in 5s, I can't do what I was able to start safely at 8, and the screen is black. Is there a solution?
By the way, the content is that the screen will change after 5 seconds. At the time of 8, it was able to start safely.

  • Answer # 1

    Certainly 5s is already out of hardware support.
    Therefore, I think that the simulator has already been turned off.

    Please take the plunge and replace the actual machine you have.
    If it is used, it is still supported, and if it is 7 or 7s, it can be purchased for around 30,000 yen.