The image is displayed in ImageView in advance in the view controller of the application i am creating.
As my ideal
First, put the image displayed in the view controller in the photo app.
Next, open the app i am creating this time and press the scan button to scan the photo app. As a result of scanning, if it is found that the photo 1.png is in the photo app, the screen will automatically change and the View controller displaying 1.png will be displayed.

Is it possible to do something like the above?

In other words, I want the result that the screen transition was made by the image data.

Is it possible to scan by creating an album, searching, and looking for image data using PhotoKit now? I'm trying, but when I look it up, I feel that it's an album search, not an image data search, and I'm worried that I can't do the above more and more. However, I don't have much time, so I would like to hear your opinions as soon as possible.