Swift screen transition
I want to send the data embedded in the array from the microcomputer via Bluetooth communication, receive it on the iPhone, and transition the screen according to the received data.

For example, the data "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" is incorporated in the array, and this time 2 is transmitted by Bluetooth and the received data is analyzed 2, so the screen changes to 2. It's like that.

Is it possible to analyze the data acquired by Bluetooth communication in Swift in the first place?
I want to change the screen for each data. It's like the screen changes when you tap the button. No matter how much you call the teaching materials, it is a button (Segue), so at any time, etc., it is the timing when the data is acquired.

Also, with an additional question
Assuming that the original screen is 0, there are 8 screen transition destinations, for example. Please also tell me that all of them will return to 0 after 5 seconds when the screen changes. Apparently Segue does not return to the original screen, but a new screen is launched? Because it looks like

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    For the time being, let's go through "swift blutooth" and read through what came out.
    Then the story