I started working at a company around the server this week.
I was touching the software during the training, but I didn't understand it at all and asked a question.
I used Hyper-v to build three Windows servers: DC, web server (IIS), and client.
The purpose is to add two more to the DC domain so that the web page created on the web server machine can be viewed on the client machine.

Build 3 types of Windows server
Install DNS and DC on a machine in Active directory
Install IIS on the web server machine
Add web server and client machine to DC domain
Browsing the page on localhost on the web server machine

I've done the above, but I can't see the web page from the client machine even if I enter the IP address.
Perhaps there is something missing.
The people at work are too busy to ask questions, and the reference books have stopped wondering whether to buy Active directory or IIS.

If i don't mind, please teach me.D

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    Thank you for your reply.
    I asked you a question, but I was able to resolve it myself.