* I have a question about shortcut keys on a computer.

I want to achieve

I have a Mac book air and a surface laptop on my PC.
Especially for MacControl key character shortcutIs very convenient and I often use it.

Actual shortcut ↓

  • If control + H, delete
  • If control + D, delete one behind
  • If control + F, proceed with one character
  • If control + B, return
  • If control + N, the next line
  • If control + P, the previous line ... etc.

I would like to use this when using word on Windows, but I find it very inconvenient because Windows does not have a key that corresponds to Mac control.
Therefore, I would like to use this shortcut on Windows as well.

What i want you to tell me

I would like to know the application or plug-in (?) That realizes such a shortcut under the Windows environment.
I looked it up myself, but it didn't hit and I came up with a question.