I want to add a cross simulation to a character created with blender.

The problem i am having

When I add a cross simulation to the clothes from Add Component, the clothes disappear.
Since it is not fixed, the target object disappears the moment it is added to the component instead of falling and disappearing during playback.

What I tried

I output the character and clothes together on blender, but I deleted the character body and output only the clothes as fbx and rearranged it as a child object of the bone that I want to follow, but similarly the cross It disappeared the moment it was added.
Even after it disappeared, it remained in the game object list, so when I double-clicked it to check the location, the viewpoint just moved to an empty space.
The shadow on the ground is well formed, and it may be invisible rather than disappearing.

After a lot of testing, I found that applying Cloth made Bounds crazy. It seems that it disappeared because it was judged that it was out of the range of the camera's depiction due to the large change in the coordinates of the bounding box.
How can I prevent the Bounds value from changing by applying a cloth?

As mentioned above, I tried to return to the value of bounds before attaching after attaching the cross, but I can not edit the value (turn on Edit Bounds, change the value of center and press the Enter key Even if you press it, it will return to the value before editing).
Even if I updated the version of unity, it didn't work.

  • Answer # 1

    I tried various things and it didn't work, so I decided to rely on Update When Offscreen.