I want to use the javacc command.
Implemented by referring to the procedure on the site. (Build from the source code on github.)

$git clone https://github.com/javacc/javacc.git
$cd javacc

By implementing
A javacc.jar has been generated in the cloned local directory/target folder.

However, if you take this created jar file in a directory and set environment variables,
I don't know if the javacc command will be available.
I would like to have a professor.

  • Answer # 1

    java -classpath target/javacc.jar javaccis not it.

    $ls target /
    javacc-7.0.9.jar javacc.jar
    $java -classpath target/javacc.jar javacc
    Java Compiler Compiler Version 7.0.9 (Parser Generator)
        javacc option-settings inputfile
    "option-settings" is a sequence of settings separated by spaces.
    Each option setting must be of one of the following forms:

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