I have a question about the VMware 12 player.

The OS is CentOS, but I installed VMware 12player.
The purpose is to secure a personal computer for testing.
In short, it is a usage of testing programs etc. and deleting the virtual machine when finished.

I have installed Windows 10 on this virtual machine.
However, vertical scrolling behaves strangely in windows that exceed the screen range.
When I try to lower it, it doesn't lower, and when I release the mouse, it returns to the top.

For example, in the Windows settings, even if you try to lower it and execute windows Update, you cannot reach the icon.

I uploaded a recorded screen to YouTube, so please refer to it.
Link content

I also tried running Windows 7 on a virtual machine to test an old app, but it can scroll vertically and does not return like Windows 10.

If i have any information, please let me know if it is a VMware setting or if you have to set something in Windows 10 when you make it a virtual machine.