I installed VMware Workstation Player 16 with the host Ubuntu20.

The installation itself is fine and the startup looks normal.

However, if you create a virtual machine and start the virtual machine, it will disappear in an instant.

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The hardware is a Dell PowerEdge T110 II SAS 1T hard disk with 16GB of memory.

The virtual machine settings are insufficient, so I will add them.

In addition, I created a new virtual machine for this screen, but I was suspicious that it disappeared immediately like the above video, and I have an old server with VMware Player 12, so I started it here. When I brought in virtual windows10, it didn't start either and disappeared instantly.

If i have any information, please let me know.

  • Answer # 1

    I asked a question on VMware's Japanese forum and solved it.

    The cause was that the "Intel VT" of the DELL PowerEdge T110 II used was disabled by default.
    When I enabled "Virtualization Technology" from the BIOS and then booted, the virtual machine booted successfully.

  • Answer # 2

    If you've just created a virtual machine and you're planning to install an OS in it,
    Perhaps the settings when creating the virtual machine are incorrect and it will not start.