I tried to push from sourcetree to github, but it ended with an error. Besides that, when I try to operate from sourcetree to github, I get an error. An example is below.

When trying to push

1. Every time I try to push to github, I am asked to log in to github.

2. I get an error even if I enter the password and user name correctly.

git -c diff.mnemonicprefix = false -c core.quotepath = false --no-optional-locks push -v --tags origin master: master
Logon failed, use ctrl + c to cancel basic credential prompt.
error: unable to read askpass response from'C: \ Users \ (real name in English) \ AppData \ Local \ SourceTree \ app-3.3.9 \ tools \ Askpass.exe'
Pushing to https://github.com/shiroa0917/FlyingCharacter.git

bash:/dev/tty: No such device or address
It ended with an error. See above for the details of the error.
  • Answer # 1

    When I authenticated with github from VS Code, it was cured for some reason. Probably I couldn't authenticate from the source tree. I searched various things such as askpass.exe and searching for events that I could not log in, but I could not find the cause.

  • Answer # 2

    Failed to log in to github
    Let's check the login information once