36-year-old man with no practical experience looking for a job in Kansai.
Until now, I have changed jobs three times: nursing care, truck driver, and call center.
I'm guessing that I've fallen into an interview because of my age and many job changes.
I hope it will be an appealing material
Qualified as Oracle Certified Java Programmer, silver.

However, the interviews continued to fall, and I felt that the silver qualification would not be appealing.
I'm not particular about java as the language, and I thought that it was easy to get a job even if I had no experience, so I got a silver qualification that leads to appeal with java.

In such a situation, from here
How easy is it to change jobs to qualify for the Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Gold?

Addition: I am also qualified for Oracle Master Bronze Oracle Database 12c.

  • Answer # 1

    I'm guessing that I've fallen into an interview because of my age and many job changes.

    I suppose.
    Especially if you have no practical experience.
    If you are dispatched, there may be some places that will close your eyes.

    While many companies are reducing or eliminating hiring quotas due to the corona sickness,
    It is experience, not qualification, that can determine whether or not you will be ready to fight.

    No matter what qualifications you have, there is almost no judgment material if you have no experience in the field.
    If you are 36 years old with no work experience, no matter how many qualifications you have, you may fail in the documents.
    It seems that some people make a portfolio to make up for their inexperience, but
    Still, it's rare to be hired. Still, it will be a temporary job.

    I don't think Gold is easy, but there are so many people who can study but can't use it at work.
    First of all, it doesn't matter what the form is, so I think it's about getting involved in business.

  • Answer # 2

    No matter how many qualifications you have just by studying without work experience, it will be difficult if you are over 30 years old without work experience.

    In the past, I was assigned to a sales person who interviewed an additional PL/SQL expert because he had Oracle Master Gold, but he was assigned to the person who left before noon on the first day without writing any code. Many people are watching.

    Since the license of Oracle itself is expensive and the number of jobs is reduced, I can't do Oracle anymore.