I'm new to networks.
I just can't understand CIDR notation and can't assign the proper network to a subnet.
My current knowledge is as follows.
-CIDR notation indicates how far the network part is and how far the host part is.
-Subnets must heal within the VPC's network
Example) When the VPC network is
Converted to a binary number, it becomes 01111111.10000100.00000000.00000000.
Up to 01111111.10000100 is the network part, and 00000000.00000000 below that can be freely set in the subnet.

Based on this, the VPC currently in use is
The binary number is 10101100.00011111.00000000.00000000.
If so, the address 10101100.00011111.00000000.0000111 is considered valid.
Converting this to decimal gives, which means that it must be a valid Ipv4 CIDR.

I would like to know which part is wrong