I created an app with Ruby on Rails 6
Amazon Linux2
Creating an ec2 instance
Connect to elastic ip
Opened the port

I want to achieve
I want to log in to ec2

mv: rename Downloads/***********. Pem to .ssh /: No such file or directory
Applicable source code
************************** MacBook-Pro Dr_nishi% mkdir ~/.ssh
mkdir: /Users/************/.ssh: File exists
********************* MacBook-Pro Dr_nishi% mv Downloads/*********. Pem .ssh /
What I tried (hypothesis)

Search for "I can't log in to EC2"
I referred to the link below
Link content


I made a change from sqlite3 to my sql in my local environment.
It has been confirmed to work in the local environment after the change.
Before the change, I was able to log in to ec2.

I'm a beginner and I'm sorry I didn't have enough words, but I asked a question if you could teach me.