CSS is not applied to the image set in html.
It applies to id = "myname" with the same ID, but why doesn't it apply to id = "icon"?

CSS is not applied to the icon image, and borders and rounded corners cannot be set.

Corresponding source code
! DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset = "UTF-8">
<meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, initial-scale = 1.0">
<title>Self-introduction page</title>
<link rel = "stylesheet" href = "css/style.css">
    <span>My name is ●●</span>
  <p>&copy;2020 urumya</p>



* {
  padding: 0;
  margin: 0;
header {
  background-image: url (../images/bg-sea.jpg);
  background-size: cover;
#icon {
  width: 150px;
  border: solid white;
  border-radius: 10%;
#myname {
  color: white;
  font-size: 40px;
  font-weight: bold;
  text-shadow: 2px 2px 1px black;