On Windows 10
Previously, I was able to move to the application under the vagrant folder while connected to vagrant with TeraTerm.
You can't move that folder right now.

If i know the cause, please let me know.

-bash: cd: application name: No such file or directory
Supplementary information

Where the application is
PC/desktop/work/vagrant/application name

Until now, you could move to work, move to the application with each application name from there, and start the server.

  • Answer # 1

    I solved it by referring to the following site.

    Thank you to those who responded.


  • Answer # 2

    If you click where the folder hierarchy of Explorer is displayed,
    C: \ Users \ myusername \ OneDrive \ Desktop \ test \ xxx
    It will be something like that. Because OneDrive is coming in before you know it
    You should check the path.

    To start the command prompt in the folder, in the above folder hierarchy of Explorer,
    If you hit it and press enter, it will start, so bean knowledge.