When I do vagrant up, I get the following error.

Even if I looked for a solution to this error, there was only a procedure to install a plugin called "vagrant-vbguest", and I tried it, but sometimes it started up and sometimes it didn't.

Also, even if it starts up, I cannot move to the application directory from TeraTerm.

Please tell me how to arrange the lines!

Vagrant was unable to mount VirtualBox shared folders. This is usually
Because the filesystem "vboxsf" is not available. This filesystem is
made available via the VirtualBox Guest Additions and kernel module.
Please verify that these guest additions are properly installed in the
guest. This is not a bug in Vagrant and is usually caused by a faulty
Vagrant box. For context, the command attempted was:
mount -t vboxsf -o uid = 1000, gid = 1000 home_vagrant_work/home/vagrant/work
The error output from the command was:
mount: unknown filesystem type'vboxsf'
C: \ Users \ ghost \ Desktop \ work \ vagrant>vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
What I tried

run vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest


Every time I vagrant up, I get the above error.