I am creating a WEB application using Django3, python3.6, anaconda, postgresql with winows10.
As a rental server that can use python3 series, postgresql at a low price to publish the application
I'm thinking of using a core server, but I don't really understand the server.
You may ask a strange question, but
① Is it necessary to rebuild the pythonn environment on the rental server?
② Copy the Django related files and anaconda virtual environment folder on your PC
Can I paste it on a rental server?
③ If i use anaconda, do you install it on the rental server?
④ Since the os of the rental server is like linux, is there a place to rewrite the django file?
The setting of osgeo4w64 for windows is written in setting.py.
⑤ What is DB 10 (CORE-MINI plan)? , Number of tables?
⑥ After all, the error may not be resolved and the application may not be displayed?

I have asked many questions, but I would appreciate it if you could teach me.