When you select the entire range with Ctrl + A in Pycharm

Will look like this
This cursor part looks strange.
It will look like this even if you drag the mouse.
I can get rid of it by typing some letters,
This doesn't happen with Android Studio or Intellij IDEA.

This is what I want to do, "do not change when you choose."
As you can see, unlike the picture above, the cursor part is not "strange" as usual.
Also, it cannot be selected with SHIFT + arrow keys.
I want to return to the normal state as shown in this picture and select it with SHIFT + arrow keys.

The vocabulary is exploding and I think it's difficult to understand, but I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

[Addition ①]

I'm using Windows 10 Home.

[Addition ②]

Idea Vim
I found out that it was caused by the influence of the plug-in.