I have experience implementing applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript, and I have used MySQL for the database.

Next, I want to start learning PHP, so I want to build an environment for PHP and Laravel. Should I install phpMyAdmin for the database?
Also, if there is anything else you need to be aware of when building the environment, I would like to know.

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    phpMyAdmin or MySQL

    In the first place, phpMyAdmin is a tool for manipulating MySQL (etc.). There is no option to "use only phpMyAdmin without using MySQL (or a compatible database engine)".

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    phpMyAdmin is one of the tools for working with MySQL.

    If there is anything else you need to be aware of when building the environment, please let us know.

    As with other languages ​​and frameworks, check the official documentation. Laravel also has a Japanese translation document, which reproduces the original text fairly faithfully, and the update is quick.
    I get the impression that people from books have almost failed (as far as stackoverflow is seen).

    Laravel also has migration like Rails, and I think that any DB operation tool is fine.
    Even if you use MySQL with Rails, you can operate MySQL from phpMyAdmin regardless of Rails if you prepare the environment properly.
    Since PHP is required, there are many people who want to add PHP with Laravel, and phpMyAdmin is the best, and if it is a project, that is it. If you haven't decided, you like it.
    phpMyAdmin is just one of the tool choices for working with MySQL (if you look it up ...)

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    The development of Sequel Pro has stopped and Sequel Ace has appeared instead, so it is best to use this at present (on Mac)
    It's not impossible to migrate data from Pro, but it's a hassle, so it's better to use Ace from the beginning.

    It should be easier to use some kind of app on Windows.

    Laravel users don't use phpMyAdmin.
    "People who can't update old knowledge" or "People who have been told something wrong" when using phpMyAdmin