I want to move from the top page to the new registration page.

I want to transition from the top page to the new registration page I checked the path on the rails route and entered the url (/), but the transition is not possible.

Corresponding source code
    <% # If it is a User model, pass @user as the "model name". %>
      <% # For "path to new registration function", execute rails routes after installing devise, check the path to devise/registrations # create, and enter it. %>
      <% = form_with model: @user, url:'', local: true do | f |%>
What I tried

Rails routes Hit the command and check the path

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

Root path
Prefix Verb URI Pattern Controller # Action
root GET/prototypes # index
rails_postmark_inbound_emails POST/rails/action_mailbox/postmark/inbound_emails (.: format) action_mailbox/ingresses/postmark/inbound_emails # create
rails_relay_inbound_emails POST/rails/action_mailbox/relay/inbound_emails (.: format) action_mailbox/ingresses/relay/inbound_emails # create
rails_sendgrid_inbound_emails POST/rails/action_mailbox/sendgrid/inbound_emails (.: format) action_mailbox/ingresses/sendgrid/inbound_emails # create
rails_mandrill_inbound_health_check GET/rails/action_mailbox/mandrill/inbound_emails (.: Format) action_mailbox/ingresses/mandrill/inbound_emails # health_check
rails_mandrill_inbound_emails POST/rails/action_mailbox/mandrill/inbound_emails (.: format) action_mailbox/ingresses/mandrill/inbound_emails # create
rails_mailgun_inbound_emails POST/rails/action_mailbox/mailgun/inbound_emails/mime (.: format) action_mailbox/ingresses/mailgun/inbound_emails # create
rails_conductor_inbound_emails GET/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails (.: Format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # index
POST/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # create
new_rails_conductor_inbound_email GET/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails/new (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # new
edit_rails_conductor_inbound_email GET/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails /: id/edit (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # edit
rails_conductor_inbound_email GET/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails /: id (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # show
PATCH/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails /: id (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # update
PUT/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails /: id (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # update
DELETE/rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails /: id (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/inbound_emails # destroy
rails_conductor_inbound_email_reroute POST/rails/conductor/action_mailbox /: inbound_email_id/reroute (.: format) rails/conductor/action_mailbox/reroutes # create
rails_service_blob GET/rails/active_storage/blobs /: signed_id/* filename (.: format) active_storage/blobs # show
rails_blob_representation GET/rails/active_storage/representations /: signed_blob_id /: variation_key/* filename (.: format) active_storage/representations # show
rails_disk_service GET/rails/active_storage/disk /: encoded_key/* filename (.: format) active_storage/disk # show
update_rails_disk_service PUT/rails/active_storage/disk /: encoded_token (.: format) active_storage/disk # update
rails_direct_uploads POST/rails/active_storage/direct_uploads (.: format) active_storage/direct_uploads # create

  • Answer # 1

    First of all, is devise introduced at this stage?

    devise will automatically create a devise-related controller and routing when it is installed.
    In other words, at that time, the routing of devise/registrations # action name is completed.
    Looking at the result of rails routes, it seems that there is no routing starting with devise /, so maybe it has not been introduced.

    Write gem'devise' in the gemfile
    Install devise with bundle install from the terminal,
    Create devise system initialization file with rails g devise: install

    You will be able to use devise with.