I want to achieve

I'm using a Mac terminal, but I can't delete the directory myweb in my home directory.
Please tell me how to delete it.

What I tried/error message

If i type "rmdir my web":
rmdir: myweb: Directory not empty is displayed,
When I type "cd my web" or "ls", nothing is displayed.

If i type "rmdir -r my web":
rmdir: illegal option --r
usage: rmdir [-p] directory ...
It will be displayed.

Supplementary information

I'm using macOS Catalina.

  • Answer # 1

    The file name is..Files starting withlsIs not displayed.
    ls -a mywebWill display all the files that exist in the directory.
    After confirming that you can delete the file,
    Proposal 1:rm myweb/.aaaAfter deleting everything with etc.rmdir myweb
    Proposal 2:rm -r myweb