I am creating a screen with tkinter.
I tried to get the entered value by arranging a vertically long (multiple lines) text box.
The text box could not be entered vertically (multiple lines).

So, when I looked it up on the net, there was something called Scrolled Text,
With this, you can place vertically long Scrolled Text and enter multiple lines.

However, in the text box, I was able to get the value entered with the text box name .get ().
ScrolledText could not be obtained with ScrolledText name.get ().

I looked it up on the internet, but it doesn't have that kind of information.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

<The Scrolled Text that is placed. >
self.master.txt_memo = ScrolledText (self.master, font = ("", 10), height = 5, width = 16) #Note
self.master.txt_memo.place (x = 70, y = 210)

`` ```

<Value cannot be obtained>
self.master.txt_memo.get ()

TypeError: get () missing 1 required positional argument:'index1'