I'm new to WordPress.

I want to achieve

WP management screen>Display settings>Homepage display>I want to select front-page.php for the fixed page.


I created my own theme and now front-page.php can be displayed without any problem, but WP management screen>Display settings>Homepage display is currently selected as "Latest post".

You may not understand it well, but since it is a corporate website rather than a blog site, I thought that "fixed page" would be better than "latest post", but I chose "fixed page" If i do, you can only select the page to be specified from the "Fixed page list" or "Posted page list" on the management screen.

Is it possible to make this front-page.php in the original theme currently displayed on the top page?


I'm not familiar with WordPress yet, so it may be a question that doesn't make sense, but please forgive me.

  • Answer # 1

    Add "front page" to the fixed page
    Page attributesWith templateFront PageHow about choosing?

    In the templateFront PageIf you don't see the option

    Page Templates-WordPress Codex Japanese Edition

    front-page.phpAdd the following comment to the beginning of and reload

    / *
    Template Name: Front Page
    * /