Regarding the verification of the possibility of introducing RPA
We select products as a business.

Currently using the leading candidate and BIZROBO with a trial license
I'm verifying it, but I'm worried about giving up on it.

The reason why BIZROBO was selected as the most promising candidate
I felt the attractiveness of the following advantages that other products do not have.
(1) Structure recognition, not image recognition, is possible by operating the mouse
(2) Operation of concepts such as variables, conditional branching, and repetition can be handled by mouse operation or menu creation.

RPA selection conditions
It can be operated even in non-IT departments, and it is easy to understand even for clerks.
Being able to automate operations
Ideally, it would be non-programming.
The work to be automated is our company (1000 employees)
Of the WEB application that is the core system
It will be automatic operation and cooperation/posting with EXCEL.

However, as I continued to use the product in trials
Also, to create an elaborate scenario that can withstand practical use, mouse operation or
Isn't it difficult just to select the menu?

Even the basic scenario of reproducing the scenario for E-running,
Isn't the behavior unstable? Maybe it can't be used in practice
The suspicion is rising.

I can't confirm this suspicion by myself as a non-IT clerk.
(To the extent that VBA can be assembled)
Verification period of 2 months with one hand with the main business of accounting (when the deadline is exceeded
The condition is (paid)
It's also a hindrance, and it's because I don't have the time and ability to spare.

My personal desire is
I want to spend enough time to be convinced,
Or, even if it is a slightly difficult operation, by learning it
I have a desire to master RPA, but
As a result of spending a lot of time and money, we will stop introducing it.
You may end up with zero achievements and evaluations.

Therefore, I would like to consult with you, but those who have considered introducing it in advance
Or for those who have already introduced, about the introduction of BIZROBO or RPA
Can you answer my doubts?

I am prepared to scold you for long sentences, but please give me your opinion.

  • Answer # 1

    Ideally, it would be non-programming.

    When it comes to business, it seems that a little complicated processing will come out, so please listen to the next story on the premise that what you can do with non-programming alone is extremely limited.
    First of all, there are various types of RPA, even if it is called RPA. From what is completed with EXCEL's VBA only to the need for AI, the range is ridiculously wide.
    We recommend that you use an RPA that suits your business.

    In addition, it may be difficult to create an elaborate scenario that can be used in practice simply by operating the mouse or selecting a menu.

    Have you considered Winactor or UiPath in addition to BIZROBO?
    Another free RPA is selenium + WinAppDriver + Python.
    Of course, it may not be non-programming because it requires knowledge of Python, but since you said that you can build it with VBA, why not put this in the scope of consideration as well?