There is the following table in Excel.
The goal is to find out if the date of date 1 is included in date 2.

Table 1

line Date A Comparison result --- Date B
1 20/11/20 TRUE 2020/11/20 Tue 14:30:30
2 20/11/21 FALSE 2020/11/23 Tue 14:30:30
3 20/11/22 FALSE 2020/11/24 Tue 14:30:30
Four ... etc

* Prerequisite: The value (date) and format of each cell cannot be changed.

A formula with only a simple comparison could be written as follows.

= EXACT ((date A.1 line), IF (COUNTIF ((date B.1 line: 4 lines), (date A.1 line)), date A.1 line, FALSE))

However, when comparing only dates, in the case of a single cell, you can use the MID function or DATE function to omit the specified part and compare, but I would like to search from the specified range and compare like this time. I don't know how to write it in case.

Please let me know if anyone knows.

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

Excel (Professional Plus 2016)