I want to introduce only the cart function to the site operated by wordpress.
The flow of product purchase is
1. You can add any product to your cart from the product list or product detail page.
2. After adding the desired product to the cart, enter your email address and proceed to purchase application.
3. When you apply for purchase, the items in the cart and your information will be sent to the site administrator's email address.
4. Payment is not made on the site, but is done directly by email between the operator and the customer.
I want to shop like this, but I'm not used to wordpress and I don't know how to implement it.
I was wondering if it was okay to ask a question on this site, but no matter how much I searched, I couldn't find a solution and asked a question.
I'm considering plug-ins, but I don't think I can implement the functions I want because all the plug-ins come with a set of payment functions.
I would appreciate it if you could teach me the plugins and methods that I think can be implemented.