I want to move part1.xlsx to the "part1" folder at the command prompt

[There is no specified file]

I got an error.

The input is as follows.

move part1.xlsx. \ part1

Even if I google, I'm in trouble because I don't know how to deal with it.
I want to do the following. Please lend me your wisdom.

Top folder
┗ part1
┗ Various files .xlsx

Top folder
┗ Various files .xlsx

The original purpose is to sort a large number of music files and their list Excel into the part1 folder.

You can move music files with the ↓ command.

move AIUEO .wav. \ part1

I replaced this "aiueo.wav" with "part1.xlsx", and when I entered the command, it was said that there was no file and I was confused.
There is also a part1 file, and part1.xlsx is also available in the same directory.

  • Answer # 1

    I don't know the hierarchy at all, but maybe the file is not in the current directory?
    dirIs it displayed in?

    cdGo to the directory where the file exists, or specify both file names with the full path.

  • Answer # 2

    thank you for your hard work.

    When you start a command prompt and type dir

    ┗ part1
    ┗ Various files .xlsx
    If it is output,

    Type copy part1.xlsx part1 \ *. *
    It will be copied to the part1 folder.

    If all goes well

    ┗ part1
    ┗ Various files .xlsx
    Delete part1.xlsx.

    del part1.xlsx

    I forgot to move.