I'm scraping with VBA selenium, objChrome. I'd like to click a button with three lines of ... (If the click is successful, some items will appear), but I couldn't do it easily and posted it. For that reason, I can't show much HTML and javascript code. If i have the necessary code, please contact us.

no such element error
Corresponding source code

I have a class, but it is not clicked.
Apparently it is shown/hidden by jQuery's show/hide method.
How can I get javascript elements in VBA?

objChrome.FindElementByClass ("xxxxx"). Click
What I tried

・ I waited in Wait.
・ I tried switching with an iframe.
・ Get javasclipt element with VBA (during fighting)

Reference URL

Supplementary information (FW/tool version, etc.)

I'm sorry I couldn't provide much information.

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    You seem to be aware of it, but you don't have the information you need to answer.

    Also, in Selenium, if you omit the index, it points to the first element.

    Anyway, if it ’s just the information presented
    It's an alternative as I don't seem to be able to give much advice on what I'm trying to do.

    In the first place, it is faster to execute the button click event as it is with execute_script.