Click inside the form tag to display the history entered in the past.
Before this, you could delete the history one by one with the shift key + delete key.
I can't do it now for some reason.

Do you have a mac user or someone who knows how to do it?
(The cause may be that the OS ver was raised and the keyboard was changed from with or without the numeric keypad.)

Our OS is 11.0.1
The browser is chrome.

  • Answer # 1

    The following is the method described in Google Chrome Help (https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/142893?hl=ja&co=GENIE.Platform=Android).

    Delete the saved autofill form information

    To delete your address, payment method, and other stored information in Chrome:

    Open Chrome on your computer.

    Click the Other icon Other in the upper right.

    Other Tools Then click Clear Browsing History.

    Select a time period, such as Within 1 hour, All time periods, and so on.

    Under Advanced Settings, select Autofill Form Data.

    This operation does not delete the cards stored in your Google Pay account. Find out how to remove your payment method from your Google Pay account.
    The password is not deleted. Find out how to manage your saved passwords.