I'm a rails beginner.
With rails, for example, a = 1 + 1 puts a
Where do you write the code like this?

How can I incorporate it into the view?

I skipped the environment construction and my understanding is not so good (_ _) .. o ○
I'm using cloud9.

It would be helpful just to tell us the reference article! (It's hard to find ...)

  • Answer # 1

    That's impossible. This is a problem before building the environment.

    Because there is a free self-study environment such as tutorials
    First ruby
    Then rails

    If you ask a question here without the basics, the question itself does not make up

  • Answer # 2

    If you've never created a Rails app, we recommend the Rails Tutorial site, where you can step up and learn! If you have any trouble building the environment, please ask again.

  • Answer # 3

    I think it depends on whether you have other language experience.
    If there is none at all, it is necessary to start from the fundamental point of "what is a Web application", so QA is not enough.
    You should buy one basic book on your own and go through it.

    And if you realize that you don't understand well, you can just fill it in ...