I downloaded VisualStudioCode and messed it up so that it could be used as a Unity script editor (language is C #), but I stumbled upon the following two points.

1. When you open the script file, Reference xx (XX is a number) is displayed above the class fields, methods, and class definitions, which is annoying (I'm grateful that it automatically searches for references, but all definitions are always available. I don't want to be displayed about), so I want to erase it.
2. When I install the extension Debugger for Unity and try to debug, I get the error "The configured debug type'mono' is not supported" and cannot debug.

Please answer the above two points.

By the way, the current setting is

・ Unity side
Change the editor of External tool to VS Code
https://github.com/dotBunny/VSCode.git installed

・ Visual Studio Code side
Legacy C # Support
Debugger for Unity
Has been introduced

It's like that.

Also, this is a slapstick, but I would also like to know if it is possible to set syntax highlighting for C #.

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    2. 2. about
    In the extension, I installed a plug-in called Mono Debug and now I can debug.

    1. 1. About, in my environment (mac), it seems that the default setting is only displayed when hovering the mouse.