We are developing an iOS application.
Not registered in the Apple Developer Program (development using an Apple ID).

I edited and compiled the program with Xamarin, and succeeded in executing it by connecting the actual machine (iPhone) to the Mac.
After that, I connected my iPhone to a Windows PC instead of a Mac and tried to install it via iTunes and it failed.

I know

The iPhone I'm using is iPhone 7.

Matching of bundle signatures and generation of App ID have been confirmed.
In addition, the trust authentication of the developer on the terminal side has been completed.

If i actually installed it
"Unable to install" App Name "
Please try again later. "
Dialog appears, and the installation has failed.

I want to solve

I would like to be able to install the ipa file on various actual machines.
It is envisioned that it will be installed not only on one's own device, but also on multiple devices owned by another person.


I'm guessing that UDID registration is a bottleneck, but I'm not sure how to register.
Even if I visit Apple's "Certificates, Identifiers&Profiles" management site, I am hit by Access Unavailable.


If i find that i am missing something, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Answer # 1

    I solved it myself.
    Apparently, it can't be installed for free on an actual device without going through a Mac.

    By registering a paid account for Apple Developer, I was able to move to the UDID registration screen.
    After that, it was successfully installed on the device with UDID registered via Windows → iTunes.
    We have confirmed that it has started up safely.

    For those of you who are stuck with similar issues, here are the results.
    Hopefully, it will be possible to install the actual machine for free ...