I would like to know an example of a standard one that is better with multi-line comments in classes, header files, functions, etc. You can do it yourself, but I also want to know examples of others.

/ ************************************
************************************ /
///////////////// 〇〇 Function
void print ();
/ * ---------------------
----------------------- * /
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    I feel that there are many comments written in a form that can be interpreted by a tool called doxygen.
    If there is no particular plan like that, I think I should do whatever I want.
    (Small programs that I personally write will not generate references mechanically.)

    I don't think it makes sense to over-decorate individual comments, so basically it's normal

    // Somehow
    // Kanya
    // How is it

    I think it is enough to write.

    Personally, where I sometimes want a "break"


    I sometimes write something like that, but I think it's superfluous.

    I sometimes see the system surrounding ↓ like this, but I don't do it because the description itself seems to be very troublesome.

    / *********** /
    / * comment * /
    / *********** /