Premise/I want to check
  • I have an existing Angular system that has migrated from Flash.
  • Is it possible to output in list format because I want to understand the structure of components and modules?
  • Currently, I am checking the import and declarations description one by one, so I thought that there was some output means and confirmed it.
  • Answer # 1

    First, in Visual Studio Code
    Project settingsPlease do.
    that way,
    Under the directory structure view,
    Each method and variable are listed.
    Also, if you set the project,
    You can jump to the definition file or location by holding down Ctrl (or Cmmd) and clicking each variable.

    Both JavaScript and TypeScript can do that.

    I think there is no way to list them in a tree etc.

    It seems that there is no such thing for now.
    Ask the Angularized Zhang himself or
    Write it out on paper yourself,
    I wonder if there is no choice but to unravel it steadily.