Thing I want to do

In the input of the combo box in the tabular subform, I want to display the input candidates by partial match including the middle instead of partial match from the beginning.

Current status

Access (2007-2016) is creating an attendance registration form.
Suppose you have a "T_Customer Table" like the one below, and I want to enter a customer name from a tabular form.

〇T_Customer table
・ Customer ID: Auto number
・ Customer name: Short text

〇 ID Customer name
1 Aiueo Shoji
2 Kakikukeko advertisement
3 Sashisuseso Communication Co., Ltd.
4 Tachitsuteto Bank, Ltd.

〇 Combo box A
・ Control source: Customer ID
-Value set source: Customer ID, customer name
・ Number of columns: 2
・ Row width: 0 cm, 3 cm

■ Since input is performed from the combo box, input candidates are displayed.

■ However, since the input candidates are displayed by matching from the beginning, for example, if there are many companies with "Co., Ltd." in mind, it will take time to input.

Here, for example, if you type "bank" in the combo box, is there a way to display records with "bank" in the customer name regardless of the character position?