I usually use rails and am new to statically typed languages.
I am currently practicing the code for getting started with Go programming practice.
Create the file specified in Chapter 1 andgo install directory nameWhen you run
If the environment variable GOPATH is set properly,
$GOPATH/binAn executable file with the name of the directory specified by the above command is created in.
It seems that it has been created,
I don't know how to run a binary executable from a mac console..
If the directory $GOPATH/bin is registered in the environment variable PATH,
It seems that it can be executed from anywhere.
A web app written in Go language runs on port 8080.
go version go1.15.2 darwin/amd64

[Contents of .zshrc]
export GOPATH = $(go env GOPATH)
export PATH = $PATH: $GOPATH/bin