Thanks for your support.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Current status
I am creating a calculator app.
Japanese version, English version
Both are for iOS and Android.

I'm trying to run MONACA Debugger on iPhone, Android, iPad.

Photo 1 (Run on Android)
Then, "Update information ..." is displayed in the yellow band at the top of the screen.

Photo 2 (running the English version on the iPhone)
As with Android, "Uodate Info ..." is displayed in the yellow band.

Photos 3&4 (Japanese version running on iPhone and iPad)
The yellow band part is not displayed.

It uses exactly the same Javascript and HTML (though Japanese and English are different).

Also, I read and executed the blog etc. that wrote to check config.xml etc.
There is no change.
Of course, JS and HTML are the same.

In MONACA IDE, the problem is displayed from the error.
Cannot read property'appendChild' of null

There is a question here as well.
I will try to understand if the processing speed (or procedure) is different between Android and iOS,
Is it not possible to process even with the same iOS because it is Japanese and English?

If i write it simply, I want to display the yellow band part even in Japanese on iOS.
about it.

Please let me know if anyone knows how to handle iOS in Japanese.

I wrote it for a long time, but thanks for your cooperation.
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  • Answer # 1

    Thank you for your help.
    This time I made a noise.
    I have found a solution immediately, so I will describe it.

    Also, I personally convinced myself that "this is OK", so I think that everyone else has a better solution.

    My solution is
    It was the contents of the text file downloaded by HTTP communication.
    When I changed the update information to English Update, it loaded on both iOS and Android.

    Is there a difference in the handling of Japanese between iOS and Android? (I do not know)
    I decided to separate the files to download depending on the OS.
    Also, on iOS, we have taken measures by URL-encoding the contents of JSON to be downloaded and decoding it in the app.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our silly questions.

    Thank you very much.