I would like to know the replacement method that easily replaces the front and back of the following character strings.

Before replacement
[Greeting] Hello 2020/01/01
[Greeting] Thank you 2020/01/02
[Greetings] Goodbye 2020/01/03

After replacement
2020/01/01 [greeting] Hello
2020/01/02 [Greeting] Thank you
2020/01/03 [Greetings] Goodbye

  • Answer # 1

    There are two ways.

    1 When the fixed phrase is in place → Sort by regular expression

    Replace with Ctrl + R

    Enter the following characters in the form
    Before replacement: ([Greeting]) ([A-n] +) ([\ d /] +)
    After replacement: $3 $1 $2

    Check the regular expression in the check box and execute.

    2 formats, if the number of characters is complete → Copy and paste by selecting rectangle

    Hold down alt and select the area you want to block and cut

    Bring it to the top and paste

    Either of these will solve it immediately.