As the title says, I'm currently making it myself
It's free, but I have a project with a few customers.
I don't have any test code in beta yet, so I'm going to implement it, but I'm wondering if I should add CI/CD tools.
The language is rails only and I use heroku.

CI/CD tools
・ Development by multiple people
・ Deployment flow is troublesome
-Assuming that there are many libraries in the project and an accident occurs where the version is different between local and production
There is an image to use at the time,

Even if it is incorporated into a project made by one person, it will only cost an operation cost and there will be no merit. I think. However, I've never built a CI/CD tool myself, so I think it will be a good experience and I'm curious.
However, I would like to avoid any problems in future operations. (Of course, I will study, but I am afraid that it may bother the user when I hit a wall that can not be solved immediately.)

Have you ever felt the benefits of introducing CI/CD tools in your own personally developed projects?

Thanks for your cooperation.